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The Last Word is a puzzle adventure game from the creators of Ridiculous Fishing. It’s a simple premise: you’re an agent of the last word, a secret organization that fights to protect humanity from viruses and disease. But it’s a whole lot more complicated than that. The mysterious threat known asThe Virus has spread throughout the world and all evidence points towards it being the work of your organization, the Last Word. Your mission? Find out who’s behind The Virus and stop them before it’s too late. 1 PIC Explore an intriguing mystery in this challenging, but fun adventure game! You play as Laila, a young woman who wakes up on a beach with no memory. She must find her way back to New York City – where her boyfriend is waiting for her – while avoiding dangerous viruses and other agents of The Virus. 3 WORDAGames —> Adventure —>

A kid gets lost in an abandoned candy factory and must navigate a series of challenging levels while avoiding toxic waste, poisonous snakes, and mind-numbingly difficult game challenges. If you're looking for a fun challenge that will give you plenty to talk about at home, check out Candy Craze. It's an addictive Candymagic adventure game where your aim is to consume as many candies as possible by jumping over rolling barrels or avoiding the candy trail left behind by previous players. How many candies can you eat in under a minute? Try playing for one minute and see what happens. When you play Candy Crape, you’ll get addicted and not be able to stop until you’ve eaten all the

Take on the Puzzle world in this crazy adventure game. Barrel Roll your way through 20 challenging levels, each with their own theme and a different set of obstacles. Use power-ups to help you reach the end or get ready to challenge yourself by solving mind-bending puzzle

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