Animals Words 2022

What's in a word? A spade is a shovel. An ell is a short meal. The luna is the moon. Hunds are dogs. Get it? Good, because words can make or break you in life. You see, some people wouldn't know a good word if it hit them in the face. They'd probably just stare at you blankly and ask what the word meant. But we're not those people! We understand that words have real meaning - even silly words like hunds and ells! In this game, you must find all of the hidden objects that consist of words to score points and unlock new levels. Can you do

The world is filled with animals, and almost all of them have words for us. Words like "dog," "cat," or even "wolf." It's easy to imagine how much these words mean to these creatures. If a dog owned a human, he would probably be the best friend a person could ask for. But what if being friends with a dog wasn’t enough? What if he or she had to make the effort as

In this game you have to do your best in the world of animals. Your task is not difficult, the game just requires your attention for a few seconds. But how to keep your eyes and mind on the target while playing this unique and addictive word game? Well, you can check out our list of animals words, but first of all - focus on one thing only: avoid those

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