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Astrology is a fascinating blend of ancient and modern knowledge. It is an ancient science that deals with the relationships between people, planets and the zodiac signs. The word ‘astrology’ literally means ‘star-gazing’, because it is believed that astrologers used to study the movement and appearance of stars along with other celestial bodies through which these movements could be observed. Today, most people don’t know much about this beautiful science or why it exists. Astrology has many facets that are not generally known to the general public. It encapsulates everything from learning about our past lives to understanding our future prospects in life. Everything has an influence on us; therefore, it only makes sense for all these influences to be included when we are thinking about someone else as well as ourselves. This article will discuss everything you need to know about astrology and its uses today in different fields like education, gaming, puzzles, spirituality and

This word finder test is to help you test your knowledge of astrology and the English language. The first few questions are easy. The later ones get a bit more challenging. Use up all your answers and don’t leave any blank spaces if you want to ace the game! We hope that this astrology word finder will help you develop your vocabulary and expand your horizons in the world of astrology, numerology and hidden words for future reference. Remember: A good vocabulary is an essential tool for a well-rounded

How many words can you find in the picture? Is it just a coincidence that there’s an egg, a farmhouse and the Zodiac sign for Leo? If you think about it, these are pretty great. Egg because it represents new beginnings; Farmhouse because it stands for stability; and Leo because of all the flashy things that happen to us when we have our birthday around this time of year. We are talking about the word of course, not about astrological signs. The word is hidden in this picture so start looking! Have

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