Catch The Letters and Create The Words

If you have a child who loves playing games and puzzles then this app is perfect for them! In this game your child will learn the alphabet while they are having fun. The letters are hidden somewhere in the pictures. You just need to find all of them. Some letters may be easier to spot than others so you can choose the level that is right for your child. The higher the level, the harder it will be to spot all of the letters. This is why we recommend starting with easier levels first. And once your child gets used to finding the letters, then they can try finding them in more challenging levels. The best part? This game is completely free and it has no ads or additional costs whatsoever! You only have ONE letter left to find out which one it is! Only then will you be able to complete the word and unlock this beautiful

Are you ready to play a game? Very interesting game for all English learners and kids. In today’s world, everyone has access to information through their mobile phones and computers. Nowadays, most of us have become so used to reading digital screens that we often forget the importance of reading printed books as well. Reading is the first step towards developing a well-educated person, so why not start young? Playing games helps keep young minds sharp and stimulated, plus they’re lots of fun too! So check out this great educational simple game called Catch The Letters And Create The Words, which will help your kid learn how to read in an engaging way and also strengthen their spelling skills at the same

Letter games are great fun for kids. It helps them learn the alphabet and also helps them read it out loud. The best part is that it doesn’t take much time to play these types of games with your child. You don’t need much space either. Here are some simple letter games you can play with your

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