In the world of letters, there are many different characters. Some have a meaning and some don't. In this game, you need to find the meanings of these letter-character pairs by connecting them with logical conclusions. The first level is fairly simple; the pairs are mostly common words. But as you advance in levels, the difficulty increases dramatically until you can barely even see the pairs on the board! Here are some tips on how to play: - Once you find a pair of letters, they will always be connected in logical order to that letter again. - If an unconnected pair is still connected logically after one pass through the level, it means something like "or" or "either" or "but not both". To solve such a level, think outside of the box! Try to connect two unconnected letters using their properties and properties alone. Remember that logic will work for you when solving these

The Dingbat Game is a casual and classic puzzle game for kids, adults and families. It has very simple rules and it is suitable for all ages from kids to adults. The player takes turns placing the same colored dings on an adjacent square until there are no more squares left in the grid. This is a great family game because it is easy to understand, play and fun for everyone. It can be played at home, at parks or wherever you have available space for playing games with friends and family. As you may know, each dingo belongs to one of the 26 different letter of the English alphabet. In this game, you have to guess which ding belongs to which letter. So let’s learn how to

Dingbats is a game for kids and adults. It consists of different levels that you have to complete. There are plenty of types of words to find in each level so if you are an avid word player, Dingbats will be your new addiction. Here you find questions of various categories like Animals, Nature, Sports, etc. If you love word games and puzzles, Dingbats can be your new favorite pastime. Features: - Over 100 Levels Compete with Your Friends - Easy to Play Guide through the Words and Levels - Keep Playing as New Levels Are Added

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