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How many times have you been sitting there half awake, thinking about something and then suddenly it pops into your head? Or maybe you were just bored and had nothing to do? Well instead of just sitting there and waiting for that random thought to pass, why don’t you turn it into a game? Drawing games are one of the most effective ways of stimulating your brain and helping you come up with new ideas. These games are great fun for people of all ages and they can be played whenever you have a few spare moments. They can also be used as a studyaid in case you want to improve your creativity skills. There are even apps for your phone or tablet that will help you keep track of your progress as well as compete against others who share the same

Did you ever try to draw some objects,minimalist at first stage,then enhanced it little bit by another? But when you started your drawing and realized you could have spent a lot more time on it,you sad. Why? Because now that perfect masterpiece is gone. That’s how most people feel when they lose their time because of playing casual games. So make sure to avoid these common mistakes if you want to keep your free time. Draw often and in simple shapes. This article will help you get back your precious

Draw In is an intuitive and casual drawing game that’s easy to pick-up but difficult to master! It’s a simple concept: draw games. The idea is you draw a line for each word you want to write on the go, without the need for any paper or note app! With 100 levels of increasing difficulty, Draw In will help you keep your hand in and sharpen your drawing skills. So get sketching and writing those

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