Drop Letters

Kids love to play games. Games help us practice skills like hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and concentration. Playing games also helps develop language skills and boost a child's vocabulary. Kids love getting letters, numbers, colors and shapes. In this game, you will help them get the same thing - FUN! This word game is all about helping kids learn their ABCs. Children can play it at home or in school as an educational activity. It helps develop reading skills, recognition of letters and words.. The game is simple; you need only four letter tiles to play with your child: A, B C D. Let your kid go through a whole alphabet! Play this fun puzzle game and learn the alphabet as you go along! Easy rules for playing this nursery rhyme word game help any child understand easily how to play it with friends and family members. So have fun learning the letters of the alphabet with your little

In this game you have to help the little kid find all the dropped letters. There are letters that are hidden in different locations. The kid can only carry one letter at a time and can’t see what is hidden in other locations. The kid needs your help so he can complete his mission. Find all the letters and help him complete his daily task. Follow him through various locations, look for clues and solve puzzles to find all the letters. Help the little kid find all the dropped letters using your logic

There are many ways to learn new words. For some kids, playing games is the perfect learning tool. Kids who enjoy a good game will put in their best efforts in order to master the rules and complete the task at hand. In this post, we’ll look at how you can incorporate word games into your lesson plans. By introducing children to fun word games as part of literacy activities, you’ll encourage them to learn new words and improve their

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