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Learning new things can be fun. Finding out what some fruits name is and other games with similar learning objectives are fun too. This article focuses on the names of some common fruits, with an emphasis on their spelling. Spelling is a crucial part of learning and retaining new information; it is equally important that you learn how to spell correctly. If you study and practice spelling regularly, not just for exams, you will become more fluid when writing new words in general, and thus better at reading and understanding text in general. Spelling also gives your writing a more polished feel - something that isn’t usually taken into consideration when creating a piece of writing but should be! This article contains several exercises designed to help you learn how to spell specific fruit names correctly. It will also help you see and understand words more clearly by simplifying them or adding extra meaning so they make more sense. By doing so, you will improve your vocabulary and increase your reading comprehension skills as a

Finding fruits names, game and spelling is a fun activity for kids. Kids like finding new objects and playing with them. You will find that it’ll help your kid to enhance their memory and concentration as well as develop their logical thinking skills. Fruits are also called as Fruits or Citrus Fruit in English and Vachhar in Hindi. The name of the fruit usually depends on its color, aroma or shape. There are many varieties of fruits, each having its own unique appearance and flavor. However, all the fruits share some common features such as seeds, hardness and an outer covering known as rinds. In this article you will learn how to spell and name different fruits in English language with their synonyms, alternative names, spellings, pronunciation and

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