Hangman Plus

is a word game for students and anyone who loves learning new things. In Hangman Plus, you are the master of suspense as you try to find the right word to save your life. The more words you answer correctly, the longer you will survive. If you can’t think of any words at all, you will be eliminated from the game immediately! Use your logic and guesswork skills to complete each level and improve your chances of survival. What's New in This Release: · Minor

HANGMAN PLUS,game,board,educational,hangman,word,education,puzzle, 1player,quiz game for adults. Hanging is a test of concentration and logical thinking. The object of this game is to get as many points as possible by guessing the word that the hangman will point out on the board. So try not to trip over your tongue or answer wrongly! Best of

Take the role of Hangman and answer questions to increase your score. You have three lives to get as many correct answers as possible in order to pass the level. Search through different word lists and hang on different words to increase your chances of guessing the right word. Get ready for a brain game with an educational

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