Kitty Scramble

Kitty Scramble is a word puzzle game where you fill the grid with letters so that each column, each row and every sub-grid contains all of the same letter. The game has five different game modes, eight large grids with over 1,000 words included, 15 challenging achievements and an in-game hint system to help you if you get stuck. The player can choose one of 5 different game modes: - Quick Game (10 seconds), Time Attack (beat your own score), Score Attack (find as many words as possible within the time limit) Strategy Mode (50 seconds to find as many words as possible) - These game modes have their own difficulty settings too so players who are new to This one won’t have to get frustrated straight away! This amazing game also comes with 8 word puzzles for users who want to practice their letters, or for those who want a quick word puzzle fix! The user can choose from either alphabetically sorted puzzles or random puzzles. In case you get stuck on any particular puzzle there is an in-game hint available too so you don’t have to Google anything silly like “how do I unblock a website?” when your brain gets tired after seven failed

The game of Clue is a fun, fast-paced party game that’s simple to play and suitable for all ages. In the game of Clue, six people are invited to a murder mystery dinner party. Each player is given an objective, usually something they need answers to - such as “Who killed Mr. Boddy?” Players take it in turns to read one of their character’s names out loud. Whoever that character happens to be must then play a card from their hand that describes their personality or interest. However, not everyone will get this The gameplay consists of three phases: investigation, trap and escape. When investigating, you look at the things in front of you and try to figure out whodunnit using your questions and information about the house or garden you’re in; if you can see anything suspicious and what it looks like; and anything else about who might have been there or why. You use your questions, clues and observations to narrow down your suspects until only one remains. Once you think you know who the murderer is, all players must have a say before voting on who committed the

This amazing game is another popular word puzzle game from the developers of Word Knockout. In this word-puzzle game, you have to remove letters in order to form as many words as possible. Words that are formed will be highlighted in various colors and will appear on the screen. You can also select a theme for this word-puzzle game which will change its visual appearance and make it more interesting to play. Remember that you need to remove all the letters in order to form new words. If you get stuck while playing this word puzzle game, check the hints below. Good

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