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Kids are often seen as the lovable, cuddly and innocent creatures of this world. But what if they’re more than just an innocent creature or a mere kid? Kids can be the most dangerous and heartless people when they grow up. They are easily influenced by the society we live in and hence the things they learn. As we all know that kids have an extremely high IQ and their brains can think at a much faster pace than adults brains. This is one of the reasons why kids are so dangerous as adults, who have grown up in a very safe and developed world, can grow up to become hypocrites who do not want to change anything from this world because of how safe it has been for them growing up. In other words: grown-up children

Word search is a fun game for kids, Adults and even for the older children. It is a simple game to play. You just need an empty sheet of paper, a pencil and some time. If you have kids at home or if you are planning to drag your friend’s kid along somewhere, then word search would be the perfect activity for you. Word search games are popular across ages, genders and cultures. Whether you’re looking for something to do with friends, family or colleagues; word search is sure to leave everyone smiling! Here we present you with some excellent word search ideas that will help you plan the perfect activities for your next get-together with friends, family members or

Math is an important subject that any kid should learn. This game will help kids learn math as well as have fun at the same time. Math is a great way to practice logic and problem solving. Playing this game will help kids gain skills such as focus, patience, concentration, memory and logical thinking. The more you play this game, the higher your score will get! Have fun and good luck! How to Play: Use your device’s touch screen to draw a path for the green block to follow its blue dot on the board. Don't let it fall off the edge of the board or it will be counted as incorrect. It gets harder and harder each time you play so keep trying until you beat your highest

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