Microsoft Word Twister

If you like word games, then this one is perfect for you. It has 50 levels that will test your logic and speed. If you like word games, then this one is perfect for you. It has 50 levels that will test your logic and speed. The rules are simple, but it gets tricky pretty quickly. You must find all the letters in a word by swapping them without repeating any letter or leaving gaps on either side of the word. At higher level words, it becomes difficult to locate the required letters in a grid where they have been arranged quite haphazardly. But if you keep trying, it can be done with reasonable success by using logical thinking and patience. Luckily for us though, the creators of this game have given us hints and clues along the way which give us insight as to what we might find next in order to advance further in our quest at cracking each

Word Twister is a game in which you try to spell as many words as possible. This unique word game comes with a spell checker that lets you know whether your spelling is correct or not. The WordTwister app has four different modes that include Word Spelling, Word Play, Word Puzzle, and Word Search. In the first two modes, you try to spell as many words as possible using a set of letters. Once you have spelled one or more words correctly, they are highlighted and can be selected to be moved to the next round. There are four rounds in total where each round introduces a new letter and word combination until you only have one letter remaining. The last round shows you what the final word will be if all letters are used properly within their respective word. Try it now on your Android

If you are a word-gamer and loves to play Word, Twister, Crossword Puzzle games. Here is the ultimate solution for you. Microsoft Word’s new game named as “Twister” helps you to get rid of your monotonous office work. It is an awesome skill test and brain-teaser game that challenges you with challenging questions. You will be excited when playing this game because it will make you think so quickly and answer the questions correctly within seconds. It becomes a great brain exercise for your intelligence quotient and improves your logical thinking skills. The questions are very difficult but at the same time interesting as well. If you love solving crosswords and word puzzles, then play this game without any second

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