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Wordament is a word game similar to Scrabble. It was developed by independent developer Mark Coetzee, who works under the name Marko Car, and published by Playbrains. It was first released in February 2017. Wordament is played with a standard sized board and normal sized playing pieces, which are available for purchase. Each player takes turns laying down letters on the game board and attempting to create words. The first player to complete six words in the same round or commit suicide loses the game. As with most other word games, the ultimate objective of Wordament is to score as many points as possible from your played tiles. To do so, players must make use of all available opportunities during their turn as well as strategically plan ahead for future rounds. That being said, it’s not always about how many points you can get from just one word on your turn because there are also various special rules that come into play during various stages of the game depending on what action is taken by each player at that particular time special action

Wordament is a free word game from Microsoft. The objective of this game is to find as many words as possible within the time limit. Each letter has an assigned value, which corresponds to the number of words that start with that letter. Each player gets a 5x5 grid and has 60 seconds to find as many words as possible. Every time you find a word, you move it one square towards the center of the grid. When all letters are used, no more words can be found in the grid. If you finish before your opponents, then congratulations! You are the not? The game is played against 6 other players or computers and it’s available online or via mobile app (Android and iOS). That way, you can play Wordament wherever you are. To learn more about Wordament and its different modes visit this page:

In Wordament as well as other word games you need to think fast and use logic to complete the level. Wordament is a new word game by the Google Brain team. This word game is similar to other word games with letters like Scramble Words, Kakacro, etc. You have to create words from a set of letters to make it finish in the time limit. There are some hindrances like a timer that will show you how much time you have left and green blocks that can trap or block your word. The more words you create, the higher score you’ll get and it can increase your final ranking as well. Here we have shared complete details about

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