Plusword is a unique word puzzle game that combines elements of a crossword puzzle with an additional puzzle called the PlusWord. In this game, you first solve a regular crossword puzzle and then use the letters from shaded squares in the crossword to complete the PlusWord. Here's how to play, along with the game mechanics and rules

Game Mechanics

  1. Crossword Puzzle: Begin by solving the crossword puzzle provided. Fill in the blank squares with the correct letters to complete words and solve the crossword.

  2. Shaded Squares: In the crossword, there will be specific squares that are shaded in green or yellow.

  3. PlusWord Puzzle: The PlusWord puzzle is an additional challenge that you must complete using the letters from the shaded squares in the crossword.

  4. Letter Placement: Letters from green squares in the crossword are placed in the same column in the PlusWord. Letters from yellow squares are placed in the PlusWord, but in a different column than they appear in the crossword.

  5. Logical Deduction: The PlusWord has only one correct solution, and it can always be deduced logically without guessing. You need to use the provided letters and rules to complete the PlusWord.


  1. Solve the Crossword: Start by solving the crossword puzzle. Fill in the blank squares to create valid words.

  2. Identify Shaded Squares: Identify the shaded squares in the crossword. These are the squares that will provide letters for the PlusWord.

  3. Green Squares: For each letter in a green square, place that letter in the corresponding column in the PlusWord.

  4. Yellow Squares: For each letter in a yellow square, avoid placing that letter in the same column as in the crossword. Instead, choose a different column for that letter in the PlusWord.

  5. Complete the PlusWord: Using the letters from the shaded squares, complete the PlusWord puzzle following the rules of letter placement.

  6. One Correct Solution: The PlusWord has only one correct solution. Use logic and deduction to determine the placement of each letter.

  7. Daily Challenge: A new PlusWord puzzle is available every day at midnight BST. You can come back daily to enjoy a fresh puzzle.

The objective of PlusWord is to first solve the crossword puzzle by completing the words in the grid. Then, use the letters from the shaded squares in the crossword to complete the PlusWord puzzle. The challenge lies in strategically placing the letters in the PlusWord according to the rules provided.

PlusWord offers a combination of word puzzle-solving and logical deduction. It challenges your ability to work with letters and patterns while following specific rules. The game's unique twist adds an extra layer of complexity to the traditional crossword puzzle experience.

Remember to pay close attention to the rules for placing letters from the crossword into the PlusWord and enjoy the process of solving both puzzles!

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