Tower Swap

Tower Swap is a clever puzzle game that combines match-3 mechanics with addictive tower defense gameplay. In this game, players must protect their castle from waves of dragons by strategically building and upgrading defenses through tactical tile-matching decisions. Here's how to play Tower Swap:

Objective: The objective of Tower Swap is to survive the waves of dragons and protect your castle by building and upgrading defenses through match-3 tile-matching decisions.


  1. Build Your Defenses: You start the game with a grid of resources, such as Stone, Gunpowder, Ice, Logs, and Gold. To build defenses, you must match at least three pieces of the same resource. When you do, those resources upgrade to form a weapon or defense piece on the grid.

  2. Merge Defenses: As you continue to match three or more pieces of the same resource, your defenses become more powerful. If you have three of the same weapon or wall pieces adjacent to each other on the grid, you can merge them to create even more potent units.

  3. Limited Swaps: You have a limited number of swaps available before the dragons attack. Swaps refer to the number of moves you can make to match resources and build defenses on the grid. Use your swaps wisely to position your defenses strategically and prepare for the upcoming dragon attacks.

  4. Day 10 and Day 20 Boss Dragons: On day 10 and day 20, you'll face boss dragon levels. These are tougher challenges, so it's crucial to be well-prepared. Once you defeat a boss, they release a large number of smaller dragons, adding to the difficulty.

  5. Combining Resources: By matching three of the same resources, you can build different types of defenses:

    • Stone: Creates a defensive attack tower.
    • Gunpowder: Builds a cannon.
    • Ice: Creates an ice wall.
    • Logs: Creates an attack turret.
    • Gold: Forms a chest containing swaps and sometimes other items like TNT and anvils for immediate resource upgrades.


  1. Match-3 Mechanism: To build defenses, players must match at least three pieces of the same resource on the grid.

  2. Tower Upgrades: Matching more than three pieces of the same resource results in upgraded defenses, which offer stronger protection against the dragons.

  3. Tactical Planning: Strategic thinking is essential. Players must plan their moves carefully to position defenses effectively and make the best use of limited swaps.

  4. Survival: The primary goal is to survive the waves of dragons and protect your castle from being breached.

  5. Boss Levels: Be prepared for the tougher boss dragon levels on day 10 and day 20, as they present more significant challenges.

Tower Swap offers a unique mix of match-3 and tower defense gameplay, making it an engaging and challenging experience. Players must be tactical, make smart decisions, and continuously upgrade their defenses to endure the dragon onslaught and emerge victorious.

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