Wheel of Rewards

The Wheel of Rewards game is a fast-paced social card game with a simple premise: the more you play, the more opportunity there is to win big. With three different variants, The Wheel of Rewards game has something for everyone – family and friends, casual and serious gamers alike. Each card has a different theme: Knowledge, Family or Work. Once all cards have been revealed, players must work together to answer questions about their respective elements. The player who answers the most questions correctly wins! The player who answers the most questions correctly wins

Puzzle games have always been popular. Thanks to their unique gameplay and very engaging challenges, they have become one of the most addictive genres ever. Now, in order to make your gaming experience even better, we bring you a brand new game – Wheel of Rewards! This is an amazing new puzzle adventure that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The objective of the game is quite simple; you need to spin the wheel and land on the number which corresponds to your reward! Keep trying again and again until you finally land on a number which

This is the review of the game called Wheel Of Rewards. It's a simple but addictive game for everyone. You have to spin the wheel and see where it lands on distinct categories such as Family, Educational, Puzzle, Trivia, Quiz, Simulation and so on. If you land on a category that you like; you get to choose from the various rewards available in that particular category. The more categories the game has and the more rewards are available in each of them; the more your gaming experience will

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