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Word Search is an arcade word search game for kids and adults. This version is based on fruits and vegetables. The objective of this game is to find specific words hidden among the various fruits and vegetables. The more difficult the level, the smaller the words will be in order to give you a greater challenge. This game has 10 different levels and 20 challenges each unlocked by finishing previous levels, so there are 60 levels in total! If you finish all challenges in one level, you can play it again with new challenges at another difficulty level! There are two difficulties available for every level; easy mode for those who don't want much stress while playing or those who just want to complete the game quickly; and hard mode for those who want to solve every puzzle with their own strategies! If you find yourself stuck at any point, check out our Help section from within the

We all know that fruits are also important for our health and we should eat them as much as possible. That’s why word search games are so popular on the web! Word search games are a genre of word games in which players must find words or phrases inside of anagrams, hidden words, or other similar clues. You might have played some word search apps before to challenge your brain but not like this one! In this post you can learn how to make a simple game using HTML5 and Javascript (or JQuery) to test your vocabulary and spelling skills. The game is based on making out the difference between related words within a certain theme. It uses fruit names to differentiate the different meanings. The goal is simple: find as many words as possible in under 10 seconds by dragging them from the board onto it. Sounds easy? Well

Word Search is a simple word game for everyone. The objective of the game is to find words hidden in the grid which can be played with the given letters. When you complete a level, it will give you hints about where to look next or how many letters are required for solving the puzzle. You can also try to beat your own score and see if you can get more points by finding more words within a given time limit. ** This game is compatible with mobile phones and tablets running Android operating system version 4.1 or higher (API level 16) with support for HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, and Web Audio

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