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The word holiday is one of the few words that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Even though we associate this word with joy, it is actually a shortened version of “holy day”. It means a day set aside for spiritual reflection and religious observance, not just a day devoted to eating and drinking. The word holiday has come to mean simply “a day off work” in English, but its original meaning is much more specific. For example: vēlkəsti hliċʌj tō ʌlvət The holiday season is usually translated as “holidays”, but it is also known as the luǐxìxià (lit. 9-months-long) or lǚgāngxià (lit. 9-stringed instrument) season, because it is the ninth month of the Chinese calendar and thus called lǚgāngxià ininese (lit). This blog post is an overview of some of the most important holidays around the world, including their historical context and significance. If you are planning a trip to one or another country on a certain holiday, check out my article How To Get The Most Out Of Your Holiday

Today is a day to celebrate words. The Roman alphabet has given us nearly 20,000 letters over the past millennium, and yet, there are still more to be discovered. In our digital world, where everything is text and images, it's nice to know that there's still something physical out there that can be enjoyed too. Word holidays, game-type holiday word puzzles, and educational word games are some of the many ways you can spend a day celebrating words / 1084 votes Next: Let's Play Words! Word Holiday is a word puzzle game where you have to spell words related to the holiday. You can either play against the computer or with your friends. Either way, you'll have fun trying to spell all of those holiday words. This game was inspired by a favorite pastime: word games. So here's another word-themed puzzle game for you to enjoy this season! —————— Have fun, and happy

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