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The game is over, your word has been identified. The letters have been revealed and the winner can be called. What if you weren’t good enough? What if you didn’t know what words were or how to spell them? What if you could only identify letters by sound? You might think that’s impossible, but it’s true for many kids who are learning to read. When we hear a word, we usually don’t know what letter that word begins with or whether it ends with a vowel or another letter. This makes it challenging for children to identify words when they first learn to read. Children may not know what sounds make up certain words, and they might not understand which letters go with which sounds. That’s because reading requires understanding more than just how many letters there are in each word; it also requires knowing how those letters interact with one another to form a word. Even though most children master the basics of spelling by the end of kindergarten or the first year of school, research shows that many students struggle in learning to read. If your child isn’t already struggling with his reading skills, this article will help you identify his learning style and learn why he might have trouble identifying

Unstructured play is a great way to keep kids active and entertained, but it can sometimes be challenging for parents. With so many different physical activities and games out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin. If you’re looking for the most fun and effective ways to get your child moving, consider using toys that support learning through play. Word learners are particularly in need of engaging toys that provide them with opportunities to explore vocabulary. Here are 10 creative word-learning toys perfect for any active child or parent looking to spice up their

A word is a word is a word. It’s not magic. Words are simply groups of letters which make up a sound that’s understood by someone. When you hear a word, you can tell whether it is short or long, simple or complex, easy or difficult. There are thousands of words in English and many of them have more than one meaning – for example ‘jump’ and ‘chair’. This blog post explains what a word is, how to playword games with your child and some great resources for learning about

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