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The best way to test your mental agility is with word puzzles! Whether you’re a word nerd or you just like to test your brain, there are many word puzzle games out there. A Ladder game is such a great example of this. It’s not the fastest growing genre, and it’s probably not going to become one in the near future. But that doesn’t mean that Ladder games aren’t fun! If you like mind training games then check out Ladder. It will challenge you in new and exciting ways, and at its core it is quite simple. You have to climb a ladder and put out as many firewood as possible so that no one can burn the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. That’s it! Sounds easy,

Let’s see what you can do with these new words! In this word game, you have to match up words to form new words. Are you a master of puns? Can you find the allusions behind every word? Or are you probably too locked into the idea that games are just for kids these days? Because this might be the first time that you’re hearing about a Ludum Dare, a competition where participants build games in between two

Anagramming is a fun pastime that can be done in just about any scenario. Whether you’re planning your college party or chilling at home, getting together with friends for a game of Anagram has got to be one of the most stress-free parties you can throw. Everyone’s into a good pickle right now, so let’s take a look at some of the best ways to anagram while you're about

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