Soccer is a game that comes with several different rules. You have indoor soccer, outdoor soccer and even beach soccer. But what if you are in love with one of those versions but cannot play the game because your friends do not share your passion? Then this game is meant for you! With Soccer Word Challenge, you will be able to challenge your friends at any time and anywhere. Word games are fun. Playing word puzzles can improve your vocabulary and brain power. And with Soccer Word Challenge, you will be able to enjoy word games on your mobile device free of cost! The basic idea of Soccer Word Challenge is quite simple: there are a series of words from which you need to choose the best one. Those words come from different categories like football players, countries or stadiums but they all have something in common: they all have something to do with

Soccer Word is a game like no other. Play against hundreds of users around the world! Its a story-driven word game that teaches the game of Soccer and the language of it at the same time. Soccer World Cup is changing and so is your favorite pastime. Playing soccer has been replaced by watching games on TV, listening to them on radio, reading about them in newspapers, and playing video games on your computer or mobile device. The simplicity of playing soccer with one ball, as well as its complexity is being lost as modern day gaming replaces it altogether with complicated rules, ball sizes, artificial surfaces and additional objects required to play the game. A new love for Soccer requires you to rediscover this ancient game by learning its history, terminology, terminology and its culture which is why we have developed Soccer

Wordscraft is a fun, action packed word game that keeps you engaged with fast paced gameplay and challenging levels. With over 100 unique levels in 3 different game modes, Wordscraft will keep you playing for hours on end. If you love word games and don’t mind some occasional violence and crude language, then look no further! Wordscraft is the perfect personal word game for you! In Wordscraft there are three different game modes: • Story mode where the player progresses through different stages fighting against an evil alphabet that threatens to destroy the world. • Arcade mode where players can test their skills in single level challenges. • Adventure mode where players advance by solving progressively harder puzzles as they travel along various worlds one after the

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